The cost of information technology is rising in some sectors even though the cost of hardware is being all but eliminated by cloud technology.

The rise in cost is coming out of the silicon and electronic components sector as there appears to be a shortage of materials for making touch screens.  This will undoubtedly affect both the Apps market as well as the live TV (television) markets and the watch movies online market.  With a shortage of materials for touch screens, either a new technology will need to be developed or alternative materials found to manufacture the screens.

Televisions that were moving towards the same technology will have to be put on hold in the design phase due to this shortfall.  Apps for Android will of course still be developed, as will smartphones, but the cost effective solution will be in recycling old smartphones to reclaim the needed materials.

As justin TV screens are momentarily held at the current technology of 3D and HD, designs for advanced viewing technology and the R&D budgets assigned to them will now have to be reallocated to other projects.

The cost of information technology will eventually be reduced because of virtualization, however, in the meantime, a more conservative outlook should be adopted by companies in both China and the USA.

In the coming years, there will be an increase dependence on electronic entertainment as a tunnel for factual information.  As app consumers, and television watchers become resistant to conventional methods of media integration, sites that change things up and inherently do a barrel roll of conventions will be those websites that find the largest audiences.